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Board-Certified Music Therapist

Independent Contractor


KT approaches her clients with deep care and consideration while demonstrating a willingness to learn and grow.  This careful combination allows her to create meaningful relationships with her clients and families, which allows for a successful therapeutic outcome.  KT demonstrates patience in the process but is not afraid to fiercely advocate for her patients, families, and the Alliance Music Therapy team. 

Originally from Holmen, Wisconsin, Kaitlyn (KT) moved to Kasson, Minnesota as a child and has lived in Minnesota ever since.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy at Augsburg University with a minor in theater and completed her music therapy internship in hospice care with Allina Health.  Classically trained in piano, voice, and oboe, KT has also learned guitar during her college training and has taught herself ukulele, reverie harp, and other various instruments.  KT has continued serving the geriatric population and has directed a senior choir for the past 3 years. 


KT has been expanding her services to different populations since working with Alliance Music Therapy.  KT has experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Anxiety, Intellectual Developmental Disorders, Aphasia, Apraxia, and Huntington’s.  Within her work at Alliance Music Therapy, KT focuses primarily on the geriatric, hospice, and palliative care population, focusing on managing pain, providing therapeutic outlets through music, and supporting reminiscence.  KT has provided care in hospitals, in-home, and senior living facilities.  KT cares for her clients and does her best to provide each client with what they individually need.  KT currently works alongside other interdisciplinary team members and enjoys creating new programs that benefit the clients and family members.  


KT grew up being the only musically gifted member of her immediate family.  She would sing the national anthem at sporting events, was a member of band, orchestra, choir, musical theater, and various ensembles from high school through college.  KT didn’t realize she wanted to do something with music as a career until she found the field of Music Therapy.  Music is a powerful medium that can help provide an outlet of expression and cathartic release where words may fail.  In her spare time, KT enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, video games, performing at the Renaissance, going to church, being in plays (especially musicals), and connecting with friends and family.


KT takes time to say hi and talk to [the patient] and gets her to laugh. I feel KT has enhanced [the patient's] quality of life with Music Therapy. KT is great!

- Client's Family Member

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