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Board-Certified Music Therapist

Independent Contractor


Kiele extends a grounding presence and comforting space while supporting her clients with engaging opportunities for continued growth.  This unique combination allows her to work with both children and adults with high medical and mental health needs in their homes and at our partnering facilities.  Kiele demonstrates patience in the process but is not afraid to fiercely advocate for her clients and families here at Alliance Music Therapy.

Kiele (pronounced "kye-lee") joined the Alliance Music Therapy team in August 2023 as an independent contractor to assist in furthering our team’s reach and expand the populations we provide services for.  Kiele is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and moved up to Minnesota for a change of pace.  She attended the Georgia College and State University where she received a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy.  Although she is trained in and plays a wide variety of instruments, her background musical training includes the euphonium and trombone but she enjoys regularly using the guitar, voice, and ukulele in her practice.


Within her clinical practice, Kiele has provided music therapy in a variety of settings including working with individuals of all ages in private practice and within older adult nursing home/assisted living.  She has had the opportunity to work with individuals with ASD; intellectual and developmental disabilities; chronic illness and medical diagnoses; early childhood; veterans; older adults with Dementia/Alzheimer's and within assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care; end of life/hospice and bereavement support; and wellness programming.  With each and every client, Kiele strives to build rapport and create strong therapeutic relationships.  She is also passionate about helping clients work towards long-term goals while also being adaptable to meet clients where they are at each session. 


In her free time, Kiele loves to read books and comics, watch movies, take part in yoga, play board games, and explore the state with friends and loved ones.  One fun fact about her is that she has always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon even though she is scared of heights! :)


Kiele has had such a powerful impact on our Autistic son. As soon as Kiele comes in, our son's attention excitedly shifts straight to her. Kiele has actually gotten him to engage more than his other therapies and in such a short time! She has such a beautiful voice and comforting way about her. We are truly grateful! Thank you so much!

- Client's Mother

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