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About Alliance Music Therapy

Alliance Music Therapy aligns music and treatment to reach optimum health, wellness, and functionality.  We believe no single treatment or intervention fits all and that each individual person's treatment goals and needs are valued and met in a professional and caring manner.  We will do this by working with our clients, other healthcare professionals, and family members to provide a practical, success-oriented service with functional and measurable results.  As a team, it is our promise that we will provide an exceptional creative arts experience and a logical treatment process to empower you and reach your desired outcomes.  We are your ally through music.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional services to our clients and their families, enhance collaborations and harmonious care amongst care teams, and develop new and existing music therapy programs in clients' homes and within healthcare facilities.  We aim to honor individuality, creativity, and connection - elements in life that make us who we are and enable our capabilities and personal voice. 

Providing you with the best team for the best care

Music Therapy | Alliance Music Therapy

Owner & Director


Administrative Assistant


Senior Team Manager


Team Manager

Jacob Uban

Team Lead & Internship Coordinator

Music Therapy Team


Senior Music Therapist

Eudocia Rodzinak

Senior Music Therapist


Senior Music Therapist

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Sammi Lange

Board-Certified Music Therapist

Hannah Jakel

Board-Certified Music Therapist


Board-Certified Music Therapist


Board-Certified Music Therapist

Kristie Shaffer

Board-Certified Music Therapist


Board-Certified Music Therapist


Board-Certified Music Therapist


Board-Certified Music Therapist

Alliance Music Therapy.png

Board-Certified Music Therapist

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Regina "Reggie" Cesarz

Board-Certified Music Therapist

Recreation Therapy Team


Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

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