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Board-Certified Music Therapist

In-Home Primary Therapist


(she, her, hers)



Welcoming, kind-hearted, and determined, Kendall provides the perfect integration of creating music and using it therapeutically with the people she works with.  We look forward to seeing what she can do for you and your loved one through music therapy!


From the very beginning, music has been an integral part of Kendall's life.  She has always loved creating music, both individually and with others.  Originally from Mantorville, MN, Kendall joined the Alliance Music Therapy team in April 2021.  She successfully earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Therapy at Drury University and completed her clinical internship at Children's Minnesota.

Kendall's current and previous clinical experiences include working with a variety of people ranging from infants to older adults in both in-home and hospital settings.  She has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities, ASD, Down Syndrome, behavioral health needs, cancer, epilepsy, eating disorders, complex medical needs, and end of life care.  Her personal approach to music therapy is rooted in her clinical experiences and is person-centered.  She believes that music (when used with therapeutic intention) can be an incredible tool which promotes empowerment and growth.  She aims to meet each client where they are at in the moment, to sincerely listen, and to tailor the music therapy session and treatment to each individual's needs.  Musically speaking, Kendall primarily uses the guitar, piano, ukulele, and voice within her music-based interventions to target therapy goals.

When Kendall is not working, she enjoys being with friends and family, thrift shopping, being out in nature, and exploring local coffee shops and the Twin Cities as a newer resident.


Fantastic! [My child] loves his music time and Kendall is great with him. I couldn't be happier!

- Client's Mother      

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