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Team Manager

Senior Music Therapist

In-Home Primary Therapist

Social Media Coordinator

Partnership Lead


Lydia provides an extraordinary amount of compassion, leadership, and professional expertise to our music therapy team, her clients and families who welcome her into their home each week, and while working with our partner organizations and interdisciplinary team members at facilities.  We look forward to seeing what she can do for you and your loved one through our music therapy services!

Lydia joined Alliance Music Therapy in April 2017.  She directs care for her clients through a sensitive and holistic practice honoring the whole person in order to increase confidence, empower a client's voice, and gain a respectful therapeutic and working relationship to work on a client's functional, therapeutic goals.  She also values the unique relationship established with each family and the many benefits of providing services in home.  To name a few - Increase ease of generalization and transferring of skills and increase attachment and bonding between family members.  


Her love for creating and sharing music with others while providing exceptional rapport with her clients and family members are some of the things that make Lydia stand out from other music therapists here in the Twin Cities.  Since joining the team, Lydia has applied her creative eye and thoughtful words to Alliance Music Therapy's social media sites and serves as the Social Media Lead for the company.


Lydia holds a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Minnesota and completed a music therapy internship at North Memorial Hospice and Hospital working with patients and their family members in end-of-life care.  She has provided music therapy and music services in a variety of settings, including in-home private practice, schools, camps, developmental music classes, healthcare units, adult psychiatric care, and clinics.  Lydia specializes in palliative and end-of-life care to promote greater quality of life for both patients and family members.  Lydia’s primary instrument is voice/vocal performance.  She also possesses musical skills in guitar, piano, ukulele, and was recently gifted a Reverie Harp which she is inspired and excited to learn!  When not working, Lydia enjoys baking bread, walks around Minneapolis (no matter how cold), sipping hot coffee, and laughing with her husband.

Lydia has such a gentle and unobtrusive presence in our family. She makes eye contact with all of us, she knows our mother in law's name and genuinely sees each member of our family in a thoughtful and respectful way. We love Lydia!

- Client's Mother

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