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Telehealth music therapy

Virtual Music Therapy

In facing health concerns, inclement weather, or living in an area with limited access to music therapy services, our team is trained and ready to work with you through virtual video-style meetings online.

Music Therapists are trained and equipped to adapt in the moment which has led to a high rate of success through virtual meetings.  From our clinical observations, adapted treatment plans, and parent and facility staff feedback, participation levels have continued through the screen, and we have been able to remain on target with our therapy goals.

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Telehealth music therapy
  • Stable and reliable internet connection

  • Private space with limited distractions and foot traffic

  • Device with good sound quality to view the therapist  (e.g. ipad, tablet, computer, smart tv to mirror display)

  • Parent, caregiver, or aide to assist therapist and provide hands-on support as needed

What do I need at my home?

Telehealth music therapy
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