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Allie Balducci

Board-Certified Music Therapist

Independent Contractor


Allie strongly believes in the iso principle, whether that's actually about the music or not. As music therapists, it’s important that we meet the client where they are at. We need to truly assess their strengths, needs, and interests, taking that all into consideration when developing music interventions. Never assume what a client’s abilities are. You’d be surprised what they are capable of! Encourage them and be patient. In addition, rapport is never ending! The therapeutic relationship is so important for the client’s progress.

Allie joined the Alliance Music Therapy team in September 2023 as an independent contractor through telehealth to adults with dementia, older adults with health issues, and adults that live in rural areas (mental health, intellectual disability) that don't have access to the Twin Cities.  Allie lives in North Florida and works at a local private practice where the majority of her clients are kids with autism. She also teaches a few private students in town and online. She currently teaches guitar, voice, violin, and piano, but has also taught viola, electric bass, and ukulele.


She got started in Music Therapy when she started guitar at age 6 and picked up many other instruments along the way. Began teaching music privately, in private schools for kids with autism, and taught at music businesses when she was in college. She also taught classmates and younger kids when in high school. She first learned about music therapy when she was in high school. It intrigued her because she thought that the idea of using music to help people sounded like something she wanted to be a part of. Although her undergrad did not offer music therapy, She had the opportunity to work with kids with autism, as well as adults with dementia at a local nonprofit in south Florida. She decided to pursue graduate school, knowing that music therapy was the right fit for her, based on experience and interests. Although she still work with neurotypicals, she loves being able to work with other populations, because they need support too! 


In her free time, Allie loves to exercise (walk, gym), go out to eat, listen to audiobooks, listen to music, see live music, play guitar and sing, and she sings in a classic rock/hair metal band on the weekends! 

Image by Annie Spratt

Allie has been working with [client] for 7 months now. He looks forward to his sessions with Allie and says he appreciates her taking this time with him.  Allie always takes the time to ask him about his day before they get started. She took the time to get to know [clients] habits and preferences. She has been patient with [client] to learn the songs and carefully explain what to do to participate their sessions. - Client's Mother

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