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Board-Certified Music Therapist

In-Home Primary Therapist

Partnership Lead


Adaptable, compassionate, and respectful, Jake provides a collaborative and inspiring therapeutic experience to his clients and families in their homes and while working with our partner organizations.  We look forward to seeing what he can do for you and your loved one through our music therapy services!

Alliance Music Therapy welcomed Jake to the team in October 2018.  Originally raised in Minnesota, Jake grew up in Stillwater and attended St. Olaf College where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.  To enhance his life skills and experiences, he spent three and a half years overseas in South Korea where he supervised and instructed ESL (English Second Language) classes at a language academy for both elementary and middle school students.  Additionally, he taught private language lessons to preschoolers, high school students, and adults.  Upon returning home, Jake became a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) after attending and completing his Master of Arts graduate degree in Music Therapy from the University of Minnesota and completed a six-month internship with Children’s Minnesota, one of the largest children's hospital systems in the US.

In regard to his clinical work, Jake has experience serving various populations and age groups in a number of different settings.  During his internship at Children’s Minnesota, he worked with infants, children, and adolescence whom required additional support prior to and during procedures, as well as with those with epilepsy, blood disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health concerns and disturbances, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delays.  Additionally, he has experience working with children, teens, and adults and their families within their homes, at schools, and in residential care facilities including memory care, end-of-life, and senior living.


During his free time, Jake enjoys watching movies, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.  He also has a strong interest in learning foreign languages which has helped him become proficient in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.

Everything went wonderfully. Jake even got my mother to sing some songs which was amazing!

- Patient's Daughter

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