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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist uses activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals, improving health (physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual) and quality of life. Therapeutic Recreation targets various clinical and therapeutic outcomes in the following areas: Social/emotional, Cognitive, Physical, and spiritual.

Intervention Outcomes:

Social/Emotional: Conflict resolution, increase communication, foster self reflection, practice appropriate discussion skills.

Cognitive: Increase ability to follow instructions, memory recall, symbol recognition, increase focus and attention skills.

Physical: Increase strength, balance, fine and gross motor skills, and reduce physical signs of depression.

Spiritual: Foster sense of purpose, self-reflection and personal expression, increase sense of hope, and build resilience.

                               Intervention Modalities

                                        Yoga                                 Dance

                                        Movement                      Creative Arts

                                        Meditation                       Leisure Education

                                        Journaling                       Trivia


Therapeutic Recreation

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