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Board-Certified Music Therapist

Independent Contractor





Ellie carries a passion and a drive for music therapy everywhere she goes.  This creative combination allows her to work with children of varying abilities while also meeting them where they are at in their homes.  Ellie demonstrates patience in the process, but is not afraid to fiercely advocate for her patients, families, and the Alliance Music Therapy team. 

Ellie Mehr joined the Alliance Music Therapy team in February 2019 as an independent contractor to assist in furthering our team's reach and expand the populations we provide services for.  Having lived in Minnesota her whole life, Ellie is passionate about providing music therapy services to individuals within the Twin Cities community.  Originally from Eagan, Minnesota, Ellie attended the University of Minnesota where she received a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy.  She then went on to complete a six­ month internship at Note­able Music Therapy Services, working primarily with children with autism spectrum disorder and other cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Ellie values the relationships that she has formed with others through music and the rapport she forms with her clients and their families which serves as the foundation of her music therapy practice.  Ellie has experience creating connections with individuals in a variety of settings including daycares, schools, residential facilities, and in home settings.  She has experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, angelman syndrome, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, oppositional defiant disorder, sensory processing disorders, communication disorders, anxiety, depression, and other cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Ellie’s love for both music and helping others has existed for as long as she can remember.  A percussionist by trade, Ellie enjoys using various percussion instruments as well as the piano, guitar, ukulele, and her voice within her music therapy sessions.  Being able to connect with an individual while playing an instrument or singing together is one of the most rewarding parts of her work.


When Ellie is not practicing music therapy, she enjoys exploring the twin cities with her friends and family, drinking coffee, reading books, and teaching percussion lessons to local high school students.


Ellie is well prepared for each session.  Ellie brings a variety of music instruments and lots of ideas on how to help [our daughter] develop her musical skills.  We highly appreciate Ellie's lessons.

- Client's Mother

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